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The Marshmallow Revue

The Marshmallow Revue is a long form music performance special incorporating live on-location acoustic performances and comedic segments featuring the band Jane's Party.

Director of Photography: Julian Peter

Directed and Edited by: Tom Ionescu

Assistant Directors: Julian Peter & Jane's Party Sound Mixer: Jeff Giles

Production Director: Zach Sutton

Production Assistant: Kylee Winn

Location Casting: Devon Richardson

Executive Producer: Jim Richardson

Merch Commercial Edit: Jeff Giles

Voiceovers: Devon Richardson, Jeff Giles


All Songs Written and Performed by Jane's Party, Jeff Giles, Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu and Zach Sutton

Except for "All By Myself" written by Eric Carmen

Jane's Party - The Marshmallow Revue [feature presentation]

Jane's Party - The Marshmallow Revue [feature presentation]

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The Marshmallow Revue is one of the most ambitious projects I've ever undertaken. I can confidently say that were it not for knowing the collaborative potential of my band, Jane's Party, and our fifth team member Julian Peter behind the camera lens, I would have not thought the project possible or worthwhile. 

The show was written by Devon Richardson and myself and shot in a single day and two nights in Gravenhurst, Ontario. All the audio was recorded collectively by the band live on-location, whether in a canoe or on an island. The audio was then mixed by Jeff Giles while the video was edited by me.

Although largely focused on our live performances, I wanted The Marshmallow Revue to be more than just a live concert. I wanted to tell the story of the band and give viewers a glimpse into our personalities and band dynamic as well. I hope that The Marshmallow Revue invites viewers into our world both as people and musicians.