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Jane's Party
"Ships On An Ocean"

Jane's Party's 'Ships On An Ocean' was a large-scope music single release which I had the pleasure of being involved in from the songwriting and recording phase, all the way through to creating a music video, album cover art and several performance videos for the song.

Album Cover Art

The visuals for the "Ships On An Ocean" release were an experiment to audition various novel AI engines. The concept began with linocut art, a printmaking technique (variant of woodcut) in which a design is cut into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife, with the raised (uncarved) areas representing a reversal (mirror image) of the parts to show printed. The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller and then impressed onto paper. I made a linocut print once in middle school, and always loved the visual style it yielded. With this single album cover, I wanted to see if I could recreate the style using cutting-edge (at the time) AI technology. I used a combination of DALL-E, Midjourney, and then further manipulation in Photoshop.

Creator/Illustrator - Tom Ionescu

Lyric/Music Video

Continuing the exploration of novel AI technology, I was curious to see what could be done in the realm of video. The concept was to create a zooming-in video that would ultimately conclude with the album cover graphic. The speed of the zoom would subtly change with the form of the song (verse, chorus, etc.), and at key moments, the visuals would relate to lyrical content in the song. Using Stable Diffusion Deforum, I was able to generate the new frames by auditioning the many available models until I found one that was good at generating the linocut style I was after. I was also easily enough able to guide the visuals towards the lyrical content. Unexpectedly, the most difficult thing was to make it all END with the album cover, instead of starting with it. Because of this, I had to create the entire video in reverse, and then reverse it back in Adobe Premiere. This made all the time cues very difficult to nail, requiring an extensive flowchart to map it all out. I made two iterations altogether, and although the second nailed the cues much better, the visuals generated in the first were my favourite, so I kept the first.

Director/Animator - Tom Ionescu

Jane's Party - Ships On An Ocean (Official Lyric Video)

Jane's Party - Ships On An Ocean (Official Lyric Video)

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Sound Recording & Behind the Scenes

Written and Performed by Jane's Party:

Tom Ionescu, Jeffrey Giles, Devon Richardson & Zach Sutton.

With help from Danica Kotsopoulos (backup vocals), and Gavin Gardiner (backup vocals).

Produced by Jane's Party.

Recorded and Engineered by:

Carlin Nicholson and Mike O'Brien at Pineship Sound, Toronto and...

Gavin Gardiner at All Day Coconut, Toronto.

Additional recording at Casa JP, Toronto.

Mixed by Matty Green.

Mastered by Joe LaPorta.

I made this episodic series for social media chronicling various interesting elements of the writing and recording process.

Live Performance Videos

Tom Ionescu - vocals/glasses

Mixing & Editing - Tom Ionescu

Tom Ionescu - vocals/guitar

Danica - vocals/keyboard

Devon Richardson - vocals/guitar

Mixing & Editing - Tom Ionescu

Tom Ionescu - vocals/guitar

Steve Poloni - bass

Zach Sutton - drums

Mixing & Editing - Tom Ionescu

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