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Jane's Party
"Santa's Getting Lit"

Jane's Party's 'Santa's Getting Lit' music video was shot over 10 days in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of being involved at every step in the process of the creation of this song and video, beginning with the writing process and ending with the editing of the music video.

Music Video

Camera by Zach Sutton, Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu and Kat Webber.

Directed and Edited by Tom Ionescu.


Written by Jane's Party (Tom Ionescu, Jeff Giles, Devon Richardson, Zach Sutton)

Recorded and Engineered by Carlin Nicholson and Mike O'Brien at Pineship Sound, Toronto.

Mixed by Tom Ionescu.

Mastered by Noah Mintz.

Jane's Party - Santa's Getting Lit [official video]

Jane's Party - Santa's Getting Lit [official video]

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Album Cover Art

Creator/Illustrator - Tom Ionescu

Santa's Getting Lit
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