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Home page of artist, musician and graphic designer, Tom Ionescu.

Jane's Party
"Live Again"

Jane's Party's 'Live Again' is a multi-phase art project based around a central narrative and supported by several cinematic episodes in the form of social media clips and YouTube video releases. Each episode pushes the narrative forward, which culminates in a hero music video and a summary video. 

The Live Again Saga


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Music Video

Directed by Tom Ionescu and Julian Peter

Storyboard by Devon Richardson and Tom Ionescu

DOP: Julian Peter

First AC: Eric Schweiger

Assistant: Daniel Cherney

Edited by Tom Ionescu

Jane's Party - Live Again [official video]

Jane's Party - Live Again [official video]

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Sound Recording & Liner Notes
Sound Recording

written by Jane’s Party:

Jeff Giles

Tom Ionescu

Devon Richardson

Zach Sutton

with additional musicians:

Tom Moffett - trumpet

Andrew Moljgun - saxophone

RJ Satchithananthan - trombone

Produced by Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien

Recorded at Pineship Sound in Toronto, Canada

Mixed by Jay Dufour

Mastered by Joao Carvalho

Album Cover Art

Creator - Tom Ionescu

Photographer - Nikki Ormerod

Live Again Vinyl Frontcover [small]
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