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Jane's Party

Guns + Ammunition

Music Video

Jane's Party's 'Guns + Ammunition' places a “Brazilian Bossa Nova/Samba twist” on July Talk’s hit song, which you wouldn’t expect considering its hard rock nature and Peter Dreimanis’ gritty vocal style. The video features a “costumed dance party, playing off of each member’s alter ego,” according to the band. It’s quirky, which pairs well with their take on the song.

“Making this video took us back to watching reruns of the ‘prop game’ on Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Having not really planned each character in advance, we relied on the spontaneity of improvisation to bring each persona to life. Though this made it near impossible to keep a straight face during takes… it resulted in the light-hearted video you see today. Special shout out to Kat Webber and Julian Peter for their help. This video also acts as the directorial/editing debut of our guitarist Tom Ionescu.”

- Danielle Subject (INDIE88)

Art direction - Tom Ionescu

Director of photography - Julian Peter

Editor - Tom Ionescu

Creative consultant - Kat Webber

Jane's Party - Guns + Ammunition (official music video)

Jane's Party - Guns + Ammunition (official music video)

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Stills 4 Square
Recording and Performance

I've been a fan of Brazilian music for a long time and studied it as part of my formal guitar studies in University. That being said, you could say G+A was pretty much a chance occurrence. For a quick laugh, I'd often play various pop and rock songs in this guitar style, but when I accidentally stumbled on July Talk's 'Guns + Ammunition', the result sounded less comical and a lot more "meant-to-be". I started by recording a rough skeleton of a demo for the rest of the band to hear and then we built upon that, first with each band member lending their performances, followed by Rebecca Tuck on flute, and by brother and father on percussion (both experienced Bossa Nova players). It was a treat getting to play some latin guitar licks for a change of pace. I recorded and mixed the entire song in my apartment. The result is this unlikely cover that I believe stands on its own even if you haven't heard the original version.

All music performed by Jane's Party

with additional instrumentalists:

Rebecca Tuck - flute

Gil Ionescu - cajon

Dan Ionescu - percussion

Production - Tom Ionescu and Jane's Party

Recording and mixing - Tom Ionescu

Album cover artwork - Tom Ionescu

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