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Wild in the Woods

Wild in the Woods is a long form music performance special incorporating live on-location performances and comedic segments featuring the band Jane's Party. The show is a followup to 2020's The Marshmallow Revue.

Written by Jane's Party

Directed and Edited by Tom Ionescu

Location Casting by Devon Richardson & Tom Ionescu

Music and Audio Mixing by Tom Ionescu

Voiceovers by Devon Richardson

Intro sequence:

director of photography and camera/gimbal operator: Julian Peter

“Stay With Me” and “Daydream” performances:

director of photography and camera/gimbal operator: Julian Peter

first ac: Shane Pikelin

This channel is coming soon!

Original Soundtrack

In addition to the live performances in the show, Wild in the Woods also features an original soundtrack. 

Intro Theme “This is Wild in the Woods” by Tom Ionescu

Zoundblasterz commercial music: "Yeah Boom" by Tom Ionescu

Rock & Roll Roadshow commercial music: "Jingle" by Tom Ionescu

Psychic segment: "The Witches Den" by Devon Richardson

credits theme : “The Woods Never Sleep” by Tom Ionescu

Behind the Scenes


Trailer Edit - Tom Ionescu

Trailer Music - Tom Ionescu

Trailer Voiceover - Devon Richardson

DOP - Julian Peter

Movie Poster - Tom Ionescu

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