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Jane's Party
"Common Guys"

Jane's Party's 'Common Guys' was the music single release following 'Ships On An Ocean'. The concept revolved around contrasting the lyrical theme of the song (feeling common and inadequate in social and romantic situations) with superhero themes and imagery. The concept asks the question: are any of us really "common guys", or do we just have to discover our inner superpower?

Album Cover Art

The visuals for the "Common Guys" feature the band in the graphic style of the golden age of comic books (40's and 50's). The band members were traced using comic book style inking brushes in Photoshop and halftone textures were applied to the colouring. To further tip the hat to classic comic book covers, I made an unique comic book sticker for the top-left corner.

Creator/Illustrator - Tom Ionescu