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Jane's Party

"Change Her Mind"

Jane's Party's 'Change Her Mind' was a large scope music single release which I had the pleasure of being involved in from the starting songwriting and recording phase, all the way through to creating a music video, album cover art and a performance video for the song. With the exception of the writing and recording, the project was created under peak COVID-19 restrictions, which imposed unexpected creative and technical challenges. 

Music Video

Director/Animator - Tom Ionescu

Additional Animation - Jeffrey Giles

Photography - Nikki Ormerod

Video Footage - Kat Webber

Jane's Party - Change Her Mind [official video]

Jane's Party - Change Her Mind [official video]

Play Video

The “Change Her Mind” music video was initially planned to be a full video shoot, but the COVID-19 quarantine forced us to rethink that idea and create something literally “in-house”. In high school I had a sketchbook that I’d always doodle in during class, mostly full of song lyrics, sketches, shapes and colours. For a song about young love I thought I could bring that sketchbook to life. The video is an animated collage of photoshoot and video outtakes we’ve never used, rotoscoped animations, pencil sketches, letter cutouts and 80’s and 90’s memorabilia, all against Memphis style backdrops and crumpled paper textures. Once the direction was solidified, it became a technical experiment in bridging my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create something unique-looking. With 90% of all the elements animated frame by frame, it’s unbelievable how time consuming it turned out to be, so I trained Jeff on Zoom (quarantine style) to use Photoshop and help out.

 - Tom

Sound Recording & Liner Notes
Album Cover Art

Creator/Illustrator - Tom Ionescu

CHM Vinyl Mockup
Live Performance Video

Tom Ionescu - vocals/guitar

Jeff Giles - vocals/guitar

Devon Richardson - vocals/bass

Zach Sutton - drums

Mixing & Editing - Tom Ionescu

The “Change Her Mind” live video took place quarantine style, with each of us performing individually live from our homes. We also invited some of our frequent musical collaborators to join us on the group "woo-hoo-hoos".

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