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Barbara-Anne (2019)

Short Film

Director - Kat Webber

Writer - Katelyn McCulloch

Starring - Katelyn McCulloch, Emily Coutts & Philip Riccio

Soundtrack - Tom Ionescu

Borrowing the stylistic flair of Hitchcockian thrillers and the seductive force of Film Noir’s femme fatales, Director Kat Webber’s Barbara-Anne tells the unsettlingly comedic story of a housewife with a dark side. Webber’s film is a visually striking feast which reverses the male gaze present in the aforementioned genres, bringing a fresh edge to the tired serial killer trope.

Official Selection:
FIN Atlantic International Festival
Toronto After Dark (Silver for Best Canadian Short)
Rhode Island International Film Festival


Creating the soundtrack to 'Barbara-Anne' was a diverse experience that allowed me to call on all of my experience as a jazz musician and explore areas of sound design that's continually inspired me.

The intro tune 'I Think Our Love Is Through' is an original composition I wrote to both establish the 50's aesthetic (think Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley) and to allude to a "not-so-perfect" romance which plays out in the rest of the film. The recording features Danica Kotsopoulos on vocals and Andrew Moljgun on tenor saxophone.

The rest of the soundtrack sees the traditional jazz ensemble almost literally tear apart at the seams, with various goose bumps inducing and less traditional sound effects created on a lot of the same acoustic instruments we previously heard. I wanted to maintain as much of the 50's aesthetic while completely throwing what had been heard into a tonal blender.

Finally, 'Punching Bag' - the track heard in the man's headphones - was meant to be a tonal interjection to everything else. Here I threw all 50's references out the window and took an altogether different approach. I had been playing with a sample-based instrumental hip-hop band around this time and had loved getting into samples and beat making. I used this as an opportunity to make the kind of track I would never otherwise make and fully go down the beat making rabbit hole. 

Director - Kat Webber

Soundtrack - Tom Ionescu

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2020 - Barbara Anne poster [PREVIEW4]
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