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Graphic Design

Album covers and concert posters have been a major part of my graphic design work. Below are some of my favourite projects I have had the opportunity to work on.

Past Clients: Jane's Party, Dwayne Gretzky, Sam Roberts Band, The Cameron House, Sam Cash, Whitney Rose, AVATAAR, The Heavyweights Brass Band, Andrew Cash, Cameron House Barbers, Ferraro, Friendly Rich, The Golden Dogs, Alli Devenish, Sam Polley and the Old Tomorrows, Barbara-Anne (short film), The Devin Cuddy Band, The Double Cuts, Big Tobacco and the Pickers, John MacMurchy, Angie Hilts, Sheri Weldon, Jamie Oliver, The Treasures, Torero, Angie Gunn, Steven Taetz, New Grease Revival, Whitney Ross, Dan Ionescu, Catchfiyah, Jay Pollock, Jean On Gene, Starlab.

Album Covers (concept / design / layout)


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Concert Posters

I started making gig posters by necessity. I was starting to play in bands that were performing at local bars and we needed posters to advertise our shows, so I volunteered. Drawing had always been a passion of mine growing up and the thought of having a practical outlet for my hobby excited me. Using a hacked and outdated version of Paint Shop Pro and later Adobe Photoshop, along with an old second hand scanner, I started experimenting with what I could come up with. Over the past decade I've had the pleasure of making posters and album art for not just my bands, but also other musicians and bands, and short films. Below is a compilation of some of my favourite pieces.

Project Posters - FerraroJP mockup
Project Posters - Starlab Dogs mockup
Star Lab "Virgin"

Pencil sketch colored digitally in post. 

Cameron House Dogs

Pencil drawing on 15 eight and a half by eleven pieces of paper and then stitched together in post. Digitally colored in Photoshop. An tribute piece to Toronto's Cameron House - a live music bar near and dear to many musicians' hearts. 

Project Posters - 4 mockup

Short film movie poster illustration (Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator).

Jane's Party

Pen on paper.

Sam Cash "Dogs"

Pen trace and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator.

Big Tobacco "Desert"

Pencil sketch on top of a photograph. Pencil sketch colored in post.


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